Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Personal Sun

While today did not turn out to be the best of days weather wise, I woke up with a smile on my face for no particular reason. After working 5 days straight, having a weekend to myself was nothing short of wonderful! I put on a pretty dress and called a friend to go have lunch since it was so nice out when I woke up. And she willingly took my photos today! Let me just say that after taking my own photos for so long, it was a weird change to have someone else take them for me. They came out great though!



In the middle of taking these photos a violent wind decided it wanted to make a pass at me and show my lady bits to passerby... I have quite a few of these shots haha, and it was quite funny to see the faces of people who were passing by. Not long after that it started to rain!




(Dress - UO, Belt and Flats - Primark)

I was supposed to bake a batch of my special oatmeal cranberry white chocolate cookies to send to the sweetest twins I ever met, but by the time I got home I felt lazy and just wanted to veg out and watch a movie. I'll make them tomorrow though, I miss baking like crazy (and the kiddos hehe)! I met these kids in a foster program I took part in before I graduated last spring and wished I had spent more time with them! We got along so well, and i'll be satisfied with sending little treats every once in a while :)

Anywho, I ended up watching The Rage in Placid Lake which is one of my favorite movies ever. I've shown it to a couple of my friends but not many of them think its very funny at all, I guess its kind of dry humor to them? Every time I watch it I laugh like crazy at the most random things. Do any of you have a favorite movie like that?



Hope everyone is having a great night/beginning of your week! :)

P.S. Any tips on how to cure writers block?


  1. Your dress is so cute, and that detail photo of your belt is wonderful! Are you by any chance in barnes and noble in these photos? That's one of my most favorite places to just spend time browsing the shelves.
    Oh, I wish I could offer advice on curing writers block but I'm actually dealing with it at the moment as well!

  2. The dress is lovely! And the collar details are sooo feminine :)

  3. You are toooo cute! The color of that dress looks great/PERFECT! on you! And your belt is so pretty. Mmm, those cookies sound so delicious, my mouth is watering at the thought :D I am so addicted to sweets/desserts, it cannot be a good thing.

    I do indeed have a favorite movie like that! Have you ever seen Charlie Bartlett? I effing LOVE that movie (excuse my french ;), it cracks me up every single time. Just this past weekend, I watched it with 2 friends...and they definitely did not see the humor in it like I did. They were like "Oh yeah, that was good..." but I could tell they were just being polite! I don't understand....hehe maybe I'm just a weirdo, I dunno :p I still think it's hilarious. But I definitely want to see The Rage in Placid Lake now, I feel like I would appreciate it :)

    Hmmm, to cure writer's block.....this is what I do: I pull up a blank Microsoft word page and set a timer for about 5 minutes. In that 5 minutes, I write write write until I'm completely out of thoughts and until the timer stops! I write down current thoughts I'm having, feelings I'm experiencing, memories that flash by in my mind, fleeting thoughts, desires, anything and everything! Sometimes I even resort to describing material things in my line of sight if I run out of thoughts, etc. I'm not sure why this helps me, but it usually does the trick, so maybe it will help you :)

  4. you are too cute! i love that belt, im so jealous i cant shop at primark but i love their stuff!

  5. aw, i love the bookstore pictures! i always feel so strange when i ask a friend to take my pictures, i'm so used to doing it myself! and that green looks gorgeous on you!

  6. very cute dress love it! loving the belt

  7. You are so beautiful!! You glow! You are your own personal sun! Adorable shoes and the cut outs of the dress are so fun and flirty :)

    Hope you enjoyed your time off, and you better share that cookie recipe!! Sounds freakin' mmazing. And I totally want to check out that movie! Its on my Netflix !!

    Thank you for all your sweet comments, I can't wait to see your next post!! ♥ Oh and I'm totally down to meet you in NYC!! You'll be hearing from me! Mwhahaha!