Sunday, November 7, 2010

A Late Halloween Post

This past halloween I went up to my college to visit and spend time with some of my friends that are still up there. Boy was that ever a surreal experience! I am so used to going home for the weekend and coming back to school, and having it switched this time around felt all sorts of weird. Being back up there brought back so many memories and gave me some very unexpected new ones as well as frustrations. It felt like I had graduated so long ago, but in reality it has only been a couple of months. Regardless of that I was extremely glad with the break from the "real" world haha.




The best part aside from seeing my friends, was exploring the little town my school is in. The cheesy little shops, the delicious food stops and of course the gorgeous scenery of the Berkshires! It felt amazing to breathe in fresh air, and just listen to soft rustling of leaves and the smell of fall so potent in the air. Such a nice change from the overbearing city and herds of people.



And here is the costume I worked so hard on:

Let me tell you, hand sewing a dress from scratch is no joke! It took forever, but was relaxing to do at the same time haha. And a plus? It didn't rip or anything on the dance floor ;), i'd say I did a pretty good job! Hope everyone has had a good weekend/had a good halloween!