Thursday, October 28, 2010


Lately i've been thinking a lot about guilty pleasures. Whether it be singing at the top of your lungs to an old spice girls song or enjoying a T.V. show you're too embarrassed to admit you watch, hell even eating some of the weirdest food combinations hehe. It's interesting to see how society can sometimes constrict us from just being ourselves, no matter how weird or unnaturally quirky we may be. I've always been the weird one in my family, because of my tastes in music, clothing, and humor amongst other things. Growing up in New York and my tiny little caribbean island has given me a lot of perspective on what goes on around me, and has made me more observant of people's behaviors. This is probably why I majored in sociology, ha.

So what's brought this whole ramble up you say? Well i've been feeling like i've got ants in my pants in this city (figuratively of course!), and its made me realize that i've grown up around people who have never really cared for change. "why would you want to leave one of the best cities in the world?" is what I often hear, and my logic is that you don't really have the experience to compare a city to the rest of the world when you've never left it. I'm not saying that its wrong to love where you are from or anything along those lines, I just think its foolish to put down people for wanting to explore other places just because you don't want to ever leave where you are.


(Dress - Modcloth, Cardigan + tights - H&M, Boots - F21)

Anywho, I thought it'd be fun to share some guilty pleasures/weird things about myself.
1. I collect little piggy banks hehe
2. I sing at the top of my lungs to old 90's pop bands (i'm sure this is a give for most people though). I do, however, sing absolutely horribly. So much so, that i've been paid 5 bucks one time to stop singing!
3. I absolutely love baking pies, but I won't eat them... I know this is pretty sacrilegious to say but I dislike the taste of pie very much, and any form of cooked fruit.
4. I have a very large collection of teen vogues in my possession (the earliest one is from 2005), I don't buy them anymore but I can't seem to throw them away haha.
5. I can't stop eating wheat thins with whipped cream cheese, its sooooo good! (although that's not as weird as my friend's obsession with putting cheese in her hot chocolate... blegh).

What are some of your guilty pleasures/weird things you do?

Friday, October 15, 2010

Oh Joy!

Fridays have never felt so good! The whole TGIF tends to not have the same meaning when you work most days and weekends are still part of your work week. But today I woke up with such high spirits, because guess what? I've finished my grad school paper! Just a few more edits from the advisor and I am all set to send out my applications :). Even the rain can't damper my mood today (but I wouldn't mind if it went away hehe).
Lately i've been getting back into experimenting in the kitchen and have come up with some pretty tasty dishes. I think i'll share some of the stuff i've been making soon! I love getting a recipe and then adjusting it and making my own version of it. Anywho, here's my outfit, and please excuse my slightly poofy hair, the rain atmosphere isn't particularly kind to my hair:




(Jacket: H&M, Shirt: Primark, Skirt: Modcloth, Boots and Ring: Charlotte Russe)

I am getting so excited that halloween is almost here! I need to buy the cloth for my costume, since I am making it myself. I will be a zombied out rag doll this year :) What are you guys dressing up this year? Any funny past costumes? Hehe I sure have some funny ones, i'll share some old pictures soon!

Friday, October 8, 2010

A Delicious Walk

Lately it's been getting chilly enough to wear a jacket around here, which I am pumped about! It's also made me remember how fast fall can pass, and next thing you know its winter time. So I am taking advantage of the weather and walking around much more than usual. If there is one thing you should know about me is that I love to walk! This probably has to do with where I grew up, but nevertheless there is nothing better than some achy feet after walking aimlessly for a whole day. I am taking advantage of being able to walk around without freezing my buns off yet.

The other day my friends and I basically walked and ate all day, the perfect day if you ask me hehe! One of my favorite cuisines is asian, and we started off at my favorite Korean restaurant in St. Marks, and slowly made our way to chinatown.


This is what I had, Bi bim bap on a hot stone which has a bunch of different vegetables and rice!
Afterwards my friend stopped at a little Japanese place to get some sort of a pancake (boy was I surprised when I saw what it looked like!).

I don't really remember the name of it, but it had a weird taste. It wasn't horrible, but wasn't great? haha, it was definitely a trip for my taste buds.

Do you ever get those days when you seem to appreciate where you are from more than usual? Most days this city makes me feel a little claustrophobic due to the masses of people around all the time. Today, however, was different. The little quirks in my city seem to pop out more, all the different people that passed by made me smile. Little hidden places like this seem to be crying for my attention:
And all of the different areas and things that are easily accessible to me.

(I am a dork, and absolutely love goofy things like this hehe)


(Mmmm Taro bubble tea!)

And a comfortable outfit when feeling ill, there seems to be a cold/flu going around because everyone seems to be getting sick, myself included. Also, I think I may have a boot problem, I just realized how many pairs of boots I own... hehe!

(Jacket - boutique in England, Shirt - Gap, Jeans - F21, Boots - Old Charlotte Russe, Bag - UO)

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Sneaky Rainfall

The past couple of days i've woken up to torrential downpours and i've loved it! I love how chilly and dreary it gets outside, and after a long day of work getting home I love just cuddling in my bed while the rain tries to knock the AC right off my window hehe. This weather has kind of helped out my writers block a little bit, I just can't get past the second draft of my Grad school personal statement. Is it just me, or is writing about yourself really awkward? Anyways, it's made me think of how many times I changed my major while I was in school (Undecided, secondary education + Lit, and finally sociology/social work) and all the career choices I considered (culinary arts, photography) but didn't end up going through with due to varying reasons. I honestly don't know what i'll end up doing, but I do know I want to explore as many places as I can. This year at home is making me anxious to get out, I am so used to being on the move, hopefully i'll get into a few of the schools I am applying to and will be able to leave the country for 2 years (maybe more if I have my way hehehe).

Anywho, rainy weather makes me want to be as comfy as possible without having to walk outside in sweats (I can't physically walk outside in sweats, I feel weird and I hate how I look in them, and i've grown up in a neighborhood where velour suits that hug your lady bits in all the wrong places are seen as fashionable...).
IMG_2456 IMG_2421
I love the fact that the sweater has patches on the elbows, it reminded me of one of my history professors haha, all I need now is a blazer like that and life will be swell.

(Hat - Street vendor, Sweater - H&M, Shorts - UO, Tights - so old I have no idea, Boots - Steve Madden gift)

Oh and on an even brighter note I am going to Texas in Nov. to visit my best friend! I couldn't be any happier, exploring a new place AND my best friend :)
I hope everyone has a great weekend, happy October! Halloween is just around the corner ;)