Sunday, September 5, 2010

A Bit of an Edge

I have worn this dress quite a few times this summer, with a variety of shoes and not much else. I got the urge to slightly toughen it up a couple of days ago when the weather was a bit cooler, because the bottom part is a little poofier (is that even a word?) than I normally wear my dresses and makes me feel a bit more girlish. What better way than adding some lace ups, eh? I could have gone a little edgier, but that's what experimenting is for.



The best part of this dress? It twirls like a dream! It always makes me want to turn on some classical music and prance around like I know even the slightest bit of ballet hehe. Too bad you can't see it through the blur, curse my horrible lighting.

out 1


(Dress - UO, Cropped Cardigan - Borrowed from a friend, Necklace - H&M, Lace-ups - F21)

I hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend! I am off to Atlantic City with mother dearest, this should be nothing short of interesting. Pictures will follow!


  1. I loooove your boots so much! They go perfectly with that dress - your whole outfit is amazing :) Every time I attempt to toughen up a girly outfit it pretty much fails miserably, but you pull it off wonderfully. You've inspired me to try again! Have a good time in Atlantic City! Can't wait to see your pictures :)

  2. Yes, your shoes are out of my dreams!
    I love them so much!
    check out my blog!

  3. I absolutely love this outfit! I have been wanting to wear lace-ups with some dresses and skirts I have but wasn't sure if I would be able to pull them off. After reading this I will definitely be trying! When did you get your dress? Soo cute!

  4. that dress is so adorable! it seems so versatile and a great item to have in any wardrobe!

  5. I have the same dress! I love it so much, so many fun ways to wear it!! I plan on pairing it with purple tights when it gets even chillier! :)

    I love your blog and am now following!! ♥