Sunday, September 19, 2010

Barista Blues

Some days I really enjoy working at my job, and being able to make any complicated drink that is thrown my way. When a nice rush of customers come and I am able to quickly make a line of drinks, it gives me a nice feeling of accomplishment. However, other days I reach my limit when it comes to dealing with rude customers. I fail to understand why some people feel it necessary to be so rude and act so disgustingly to workers, just because you are paying for us to make your drink does not give you any right to get angry or throw your money and credit cards at us as though we are dirt. Seriously? are workers not human beings? I don't care how heavy your black Amex card is, if you don't respect me, I have every right in the world to refuse any service to you. This is not even solely the case for baristas, its the same deal in other places. Sorry for the ramble, i've had a tough couple of days at work recently.

Moving on! Since i've been in a funk lately I decided to dress up a little more the other day to make myself feel better. And boy did it work! It felt wonderful to bust out a light jacket because the air has been cooler lately. I didn't dress up to go anywhere in particular, it felt nice to wear something other than my uniform.


It will be interesting to see the transition of fall in the city, I haven't spent a fall here in 4 years. I am barely getting used to the fact that i'll be around so much concrete for so long. How do I even begin to explain how gorgeous the fall in New England is? Especially in the Berkshires! The leaves turn all sorts of luscious colors that are so gorgeous they stop me in my tracks and make me go hot damn! For now though the smell of cigarettes, subways, and manmade parks will do hehe.

(Blazer - Thrifted/ Dress - Modcloth/ Boots - Jeffrey Campbell)

Sometimes its nice to have little dates with yourself. I chose to aimlessly walk downtown and ended up by the Pier, I didn't take many pictures because I just needed to clear my head but I did manage a snap. It was nice to have a breath of "fresh" air :)


Hope everyone has had a great weekend!


  1. I honestly admire you for working as a barista and being able to deal with a never ending stream of rude customers. My ex boyfriend is a waiter, and the stories he tells me of customers not tipping, calling him stupid, and making him run around like a chicken with his head cut off completely horrify me! I worked in a pizza restaurant in high school for a single month before I decided that I couldn't stand it another day. I think in the end, dealing with people's shenanigans makes you a more patient and tolerant person....but in my opinion, it's not worth it if people continually disrespect you. They have no right to! Ugh. But on a lighter note, you look beaaautiful!! Love the dress....and I'm swooning over your shoes. I'm dying to buy some Jeffrey Campbell boots but I have to wait until I secure a job....hopefully that is SOON! :)

  2. I LOVE this outfit! The pattern on that dress is adorable and your boots are great!
    I'm sorry to hear that people aren't treating you well at work :( I hate that people are so often rude just for the sake of being rude and making themselves feel better or more important. I hope things get better, though :)

  3. I think no matter where you work, you will end up dealing with rude people.

    Keep your chin up! I bet you make delicious drinks =]

  4. i feel you girl! i'm also a barista :s
    cute blog!!! check mine out&follow if ya like. i got a giveaway going til 0ct8! xo~

  5. i used to feel the same way when i worked with food. I', uaually a very patient person but when it came to rude people i dont know what happened to that patience but i would get so sassy with those customers. hahaha, my friends at work would make fun of me for it because it was so out of character.

    but anyways, i LOVE that dress, oh and those boots. if only i could afford jeffery campbell i would be in heavan...

  6. That blazer is amazing, and so is your smile! Don't let rude people get to you, just know you're better than them and just doing your job! They'll get their kamuffins!

    I volunteered for an event this past weekend, working a VIP table, and people were so rude, and I didn't understand, I mean, these people were getting VIP but acting as if they truly deserved it and treating us volunteers like dirt! Ugh, it was such a horrible experience for me, I get so angry just thinking about it...

    But I love how you're getting out of your funk! Dress cute, smile, and move on! Life is anew with each morning, a new chance to learn and grow, right? And I love how you went on a 'solo date!' I'm visiting NYC soon and would love to visit the Peir with you and hear you vent while I sip one of your amazing drink creations - Deal? ;)

  7. Seriously, I worked in a grocery store and later in a restaurant, and people can be unbelievable! A friend of mine once said, "spending at least a year in customer service should be mandatory," so that people appreciate what you're put through. I kind of agree.

    On a different note, I love you cardigan! And I think dates by yourself are great!

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  8. dressing up always makes me feel a little better. loooove your dress, too! xxo!

  9. You look gorgeous - I love this look and those boots are so cute. I really want a new pair of boots, preferably Jeffrey Campbell - Im so in love with every single shoe he makes! hehe. I have always wanted to be a barista...someday :)

    Your blog is just lovely girl. x

  10. This dress is gorgeous and your outfit is perfect! Love it!

  11. i absolutely adore this outfit!!
    i love the dress and I have a weakness for bare legs and boots!!

    Charlotte xxx