Wednesday, September 8, 2010

What a Trip

Atlantic City turned out to be pretty enjoyable considering I was the youngest one in that horrid bus ride. It made me realize that even though I live with my mother, I spend very little quality time with her. So spending the entire day with her and her BFF was hysterical to say the least, and I realize now where I get my crappy jokes from haha.

We ended up spending about an hour in the actual casino, and out of a 25 dollar card I won a whopping $4.40! While my mother made the big money and won a whole $12! Those penny slots were clearly calling our names. I enjoyed the boardwalk way more than the casino.

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I absolutely love the cheesyness and bright colors of boardwalk entertainment, there is just something about all those cheesy signs and bright lights that makes summer complete.

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In the end we are all big kids at heart :)

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Theres is nothing better than fatty summertime food!


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P.S. I am supperrr excited for friday, because get to attend this lovely event! :D



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  2. Atlantic City looks like so much fun! Just like you said, I also adore cheesy boardwalk entertainment...there's something completely irresistible about it - like how could it not make you smile, especially in the summer? We have a boardwalk in Virginia Beach but it's more crowded with bars and gift shops vs. fun rides and games... I do enjoy all of the putt putt golfing though :D I love the pictures of you at the end, you are so cute :) And since the Blogger meet up was yesterday...I bet you had a blast!!!'ll have to do a post on it soon for sure, I'd love to hear about it. And now to finish off my novel of a comment, I would LOVE for you to send me songs from the Bombay Bicycle Club :D You don't know how big I smiled when I read your comment, because I've been on a new music search for days now & I'm so excited! If you want to send them over e-mail, my e-mail is, but if you have a different suggestion just let me know :) And also, my apologies for the deleted comment above, I called the Bombay Bicycle Club the Bamboo Bicycle Club and the mistake irked me so much that I had to type a new comment hehe, man am I a bit OCD or what?

  3. oh look like you had fun, girl! haha first time on your blog liking it haha

  4. Your photos are very cool!