Saturday, October 2, 2010

Sneaky Rainfall

The past couple of days i've woken up to torrential downpours and i've loved it! I love how chilly and dreary it gets outside, and after a long day of work getting home I love just cuddling in my bed while the rain tries to knock the AC right off my window hehe. This weather has kind of helped out my writers block a little bit, I just can't get past the second draft of my Grad school personal statement. Is it just me, or is writing about yourself really awkward? Anyways, it's made me think of how many times I changed my major while I was in school (Undecided, secondary education + Lit, and finally sociology/social work) and all the career choices I considered (culinary arts, photography) but didn't end up going through with due to varying reasons. I honestly don't know what i'll end up doing, but I do know I want to explore as many places as I can. This year at home is making me anxious to get out, I am so used to being on the move, hopefully i'll get into a few of the schools I am applying to and will be able to leave the country for 2 years (maybe more if I have my way hehehe).

Anywho, rainy weather makes me want to be as comfy as possible without having to walk outside in sweats (I can't physically walk outside in sweats, I feel weird and I hate how I look in them, and i've grown up in a neighborhood where velour suits that hug your lady bits in all the wrong places are seen as fashionable...).
IMG_2456 IMG_2421
I love the fact that the sweater has patches on the elbows, it reminded me of one of my history professors haha, all I need now is a blazer like that and life will be swell.

(Hat - Street vendor, Sweater - H&M, Shorts - UO, Tights - so old I have no idea, Boots - Steve Madden gift)

Oh and on an even brighter note I am going to Texas in Nov. to visit my best friend! I couldn't be any happier, exploring a new place AND my best friend :)
I hope everyone has a great weekend, happy October! Halloween is just around the corner ;)


  1. Very cozy rainy day outfit. I am loving those boots!

  2. Yenaldys! You're so cute. I love your rainy outfit - especially that sweater. I'm so glad to have other NYC fashion bloggers as friends. Most of the time, I have no idea what to wear in the rain. And I definitely need a pair of boots that can brave the rain. Rain boots are so heavy!

  3. I heard you've been seeing some grey days lately, but it is just the introduction to chilly fall weather! I agree, it makes me want to curl up and get comfy and watch a good ole' movie...but today it rained here all morning -- and it was very very difficult to get out of bed.

    That sweater is tight - I love the elbow patches! Very professor-like!! And those boots are a-maz-ing. Someone is a good gift-giver!

    And when it comes to your purpose statement, maybe have a convo with your best friend, or your parents or someone you can tell your "dreams" to, and maybe that conversation will spark some ways you can 'talk about yourself' and simplify it into one sentence. You know? Sometimes I get really motivated to cause action, or know what I want to do, after I've talked about it with someone...they may bring new perspective or words to describe you.

    I admire you wanting to go to grad school -- traveling and seeing other places!! I graduated from my undergrad in May and I still have no flippin' idea what I want to do. Going back to school may be something I really ought to consider...where are you looking? Any parts of the world in particular? :)

    Enjoy your weekend, beautiful!

  4. This outfit is so cute! I've been forcing myself to at least attempt some sort of outfit despite the rain, but I've really been just wanting to cuddle up in leggings and a huge sweater. By the way, that sweater is so cool! I love elbow patches, now just to find a sweater with some!
    And yay for visiting Texas! I'm sure you'll have a great trip :)

  5. that sweater is amazing, I love the elbow patches on it -just the perfect cozy fall outfit!

  6. Love those boots! I've never understood how the velour suits are seen as fashionable. I'm with you...I despise them.

  7. You look so comfy, such a cute look! Im now following you :) xo

  8. Rainy days are the best! And you look so wonderfully warm and cozy. Enjoy Texas...I might be a bit biased because I've lived there most of my life, but it's a great place to be!

  9. Oh, I know, grad school personal statements are hell! Just get through it though, once you've been accepted you won't have to do stuff like that any more...until you need to write cover letters for jobs, anyway!

    I love your cozy outfit... and everyone seems to have an elbow-patch sweater except for me!

  10. I seem to have the same mindset as you, even though I haven't graduated college yet - I have no idea what I want to do career-wise or life-wise, but I DO know I want to travel the world and see as much as possible! I changed my major probably 5 or 6 times before I decided on psychology and media arts & design, and I only chose to double major in those because they interest me....I honestly have no career path to speak of currently. But I hope you get into ALL the grad schools you dream of going to!! And that you get to study abroad for those two years :)

    P.S you're cute as a button, like always, I'm in love with your little hat!! And dressing comfy&cozy on rainy days is the best.

  11. Cute! What a great way to avoid sweats. Those boots are awesome btw.

  12. Aw, you're so cute! I love your comfy outfit!