Friday, October 8, 2010

A Delicious Walk

Lately it's been getting chilly enough to wear a jacket around here, which I am pumped about! It's also made me remember how fast fall can pass, and next thing you know its winter time. So I am taking advantage of the weather and walking around much more than usual. If there is one thing you should know about me is that I love to walk! This probably has to do with where I grew up, but nevertheless there is nothing better than some achy feet after walking aimlessly for a whole day. I am taking advantage of being able to walk around without freezing my buns off yet.

The other day my friends and I basically walked and ate all day, the perfect day if you ask me hehe! One of my favorite cuisines is asian, and we started off at my favorite Korean restaurant in St. Marks, and slowly made our way to chinatown.


This is what I had, Bi bim bap on a hot stone which has a bunch of different vegetables and rice!
Afterwards my friend stopped at a little Japanese place to get some sort of a pancake (boy was I surprised when I saw what it looked like!).

I don't really remember the name of it, but it had a weird taste. It wasn't horrible, but wasn't great? haha, it was definitely a trip for my taste buds.

Do you ever get those days when you seem to appreciate where you are from more than usual? Most days this city makes me feel a little claustrophobic due to the masses of people around all the time. Today, however, was different. The little quirks in my city seem to pop out more, all the different people that passed by made me smile. Little hidden places like this seem to be crying for my attention:
And all of the different areas and things that are easily accessible to me.

(I am a dork, and absolutely love goofy things like this hehe)


(Mmmm Taro bubble tea!)

And a comfortable outfit when feeling ill, there seems to be a cold/flu going around because everyone seems to be getting sick, myself included. Also, I think I may have a boot problem, I just realized how many pairs of boots I own... hehe!

(Jacket - boutique in England, Shirt - Gap, Jeans - F21, Boots - Old Charlotte Russe, Bag - UO)

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. oh my gosh all of that food looks incredible--i've never had korean food, but i might have to try it now :)

  2. That picture is of yakisoba, but it sounds like you had okonomiyaki. Delish!

  3. Omg, YUM. That looks so good. That Japanese place is my favorite for Takoyaki, which is the octopus balls that I blogged about last time, haha. Now I'm sort of jealous. I want to go food exploring now.

    You look cute, as alwayys. ♥ Lovelovelove the denim shirt and jeans and distressed boots.

  4. Oh New York *sigh* Getting a bit nostalgic looking at those!

  5. simply delicious shots!!! :o)

  6. It's such a lovely,lovely Blog you have here!:)
    Follow you now!!! Follow me back?
    xx, Alice from bells and whistles

  7. Looks like that was a great day! I love to walk around too, but there's no where for my to go where I live :( I love visiting bigger cities and just wandering around them! I love love love your boots! You can never have too many.

  8. hmmmmmmmm such a great vocation then..
    well your boots is amazed me!
    wanna exchange link? or just follow each other?
    xo, Lorine