Thursday, October 28, 2010


Lately i've been thinking a lot about guilty pleasures. Whether it be singing at the top of your lungs to an old spice girls song or enjoying a T.V. show you're too embarrassed to admit you watch, hell even eating some of the weirdest food combinations hehe. It's interesting to see how society can sometimes constrict us from just being ourselves, no matter how weird or unnaturally quirky we may be. I've always been the weird one in my family, because of my tastes in music, clothing, and humor amongst other things. Growing up in New York and my tiny little caribbean island has given me a lot of perspective on what goes on around me, and has made me more observant of people's behaviors. This is probably why I majored in sociology, ha.

So what's brought this whole ramble up you say? Well i've been feeling like i've got ants in my pants in this city (figuratively of course!), and its made me realize that i've grown up around people who have never really cared for change. "why would you want to leave one of the best cities in the world?" is what I often hear, and my logic is that you don't really have the experience to compare a city to the rest of the world when you've never left it. I'm not saying that its wrong to love where you are from or anything along those lines, I just think its foolish to put down people for wanting to explore other places just because you don't want to ever leave where you are.


(Dress - Modcloth, Cardigan + tights - H&M, Boots - F21)

Anywho, I thought it'd be fun to share some guilty pleasures/weird things about myself.
1. I collect little piggy banks hehe
2. I sing at the top of my lungs to old 90's pop bands (i'm sure this is a give for most people though). I do, however, sing absolutely horribly. So much so, that i've been paid 5 bucks one time to stop singing!
3. I absolutely love baking pies, but I won't eat them... I know this is pretty sacrilegious to say but I dislike the taste of pie very much, and any form of cooked fruit.
4. I have a very large collection of teen vogues in my possession (the earliest one is from 2005), I don't buy them anymore but I can't seem to throw them away haha.
5. I can't stop eating wheat thins with whipped cream cheese, its sooooo good! (although that's not as weird as my friend's obsession with putting cheese in her hot chocolate... blegh).

What are some of your guilty pleasures/weird things you do?


  1. I cant think of any of my guilty pleasures/weird things for some reason.I know I have them,but I'm not at all ashamed or embarrassed of them.
    And I get what you mean about living in the city.However...super envious you live in NY,would love to go there some day!

  2. Oh my goodness, I feel the same way. Whenever I tell people I want to move to San Francisco or live in Massachusetts for at least part of my life, the response is, "But you live in NEW YORK CITY!". But every taste of life outside new york has appealed so much more to me than staying here. There are things I love about it, don't get me wrong, but I just don't see myself staying here.

    Anyway, you look so lovely. Such a cute dress :)

  3. cheese in hot chocolate?! That doesn't sound good at all...

    I guess one of my guilty pleasures is similar to your #2. I love all the music I grew up with...Britney, Nsync, Backstreet boys, and ESPECIALLY all the Jock Jams collections. It always brightens my day when those things come up during shuffle on my iPod.

  4. People from Vancouver can be a real pain too about thinking it's the best place on Earth. And you know what? THere is no "best" place on Earth, people. Anyway, rant over.

    I can't believe you bake pies and never eat them... that is unbelievably strange. But a bit like the Piemaker in "Pushing Daisies!"

  5. cheese in hot chocolate that made my mouth drop !! so funny!! I totally understand what you mean about change when i talk about moving to Europe next year my friends always look at me funny and say but it's so far away. I come from a small town where everyone comes back to live after school or just doesn't leave at all. I just can't imagine only staying in one place for my entire life there is so much to see out there!! i could probably list about a million weird/ guilty pleasure things i am always the weird one who doesn't like the "normal" things everyone else does

    1) i love corny eighties songs with the funny synthesizer they get me everytime lol
    2) old movies especially ones from the nineties i think titanic cemented that love :)
    3) I have never eaten a burger before although i think they always look so good when other people have them
    4) rice cakes and goats cheese favourite snack ever!!

    this was a very long comment but i loved the idea of it!! i think i might have to do something like this on my blog!!

  6. WHAT? I can't believe you don't like cooked fruit! I love the rosette detail on the dress. So cute!

    And I feel the same about New York City. I guess it's like that for almost everyone. They always want to leave where they are and go someplace else. We should definitely take a day trip together with Nicole and take outfit photos or something. :D As a temporary solution, haha.

    And my guilty pleasures/weird things...

    1. French fries dipped in mayonnaise. SO DELICIOUS. But sooooo fattening.
    2. I don't like chocolate at all. Unless it's a brownie or hot chocolate.

    Okay, I don't really remember anything else, haha.

  7. Thanks so much for your comment on my blog! Your dress here is so pretty, love the detail on the top =D
    Haha cheese in hot chocolate, that's so strange!! Hmmm although cheese and onion crisps with chocolate (from a chocolate fountain) on them are pretty awesome!!