Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Personal Sun

While today did not turn out to be the best of days weather wise, I woke up with a smile on my face for no particular reason. After working 5 days straight, having a weekend to myself was nothing short of wonderful! I put on a pretty dress and called a friend to go have lunch since it was so nice out when I woke up. And she willingly took my photos today! Let me just say that after taking my own photos for so long, it was a weird change to have someone else take them for me. They came out great though!



In the middle of taking these photos a violent wind decided it wanted to make a pass at me and show my lady bits to passerby... I have quite a few of these shots haha, and it was quite funny to see the faces of people who were passing by. Not long after that it started to rain!




(Dress - UO, Belt and Flats - Primark)

I was supposed to bake a batch of my special oatmeal cranberry white chocolate cookies to send to the sweetest twins I ever met, but by the time I got home I felt lazy and just wanted to veg out and watch a movie. I'll make them tomorrow though, I miss baking like crazy (and the kiddos hehe)! I met these kids in a foster program I took part in before I graduated last spring and wished I had spent more time with them! We got along so well, and i'll be satisfied with sending little treats every once in a while :)

Anywho, I ended up watching The Rage in Placid Lake which is one of my favorite movies ever. I've shown it to a couple of my friends but not many of them think its very funny at all, I guess its kind of dry humor to them? Every time I watch it I laugh like crazy at the most random things. Do any of you have a favorite movie like that?



Hope everyone is having a great night/beginning of your week! :)

P.S. Any tips on how to cure writers block?

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Barista Blues

Some days I really enjoy working at my job, and being able to make any complicated drink that is thrown my way. When a nice rush of customers come and I am able to quickly make a line of drinks, it gives me a nice feeling of accomplishment. However, other days I reach my limit when it comes to dealing with rude customers. I fail to understand why some people feel it necessary to be so rude and act so disgustingly to workers, just because you are paying for us to make your drink does not give you any right to get angry or throw your money and credit cards at us as though we are dirt. Seriously? are workers not human beings? I don't care how heavy your black Amex card is, if you don't respect me, I have every right in the world to refuse any service to you. This is not even solely the case for baristas, its the same deal in other places. Sorry for the ramble, i've had a tough couple of days at work recently.

Moving on! Since i've been in a funk lately I decided to dress up a little more the other day to make myself feel better. And boy did it work! It felt wonderful to bust out a light jacket because the air has been cooler lately. I didn't dress up to go anywhere in particular, it felt nice to wear something other than my uniform.


It will be interesting to see the transition of fall in the city, I haven't spent a fall here in 4 years. I am barely getting used to the fact that i'll be around so much concrete for so long. How do I even begin to explain how gorgeous the fall in New England is? Especially in the Berkshires! The leaves turn all sorts of luscious colors that are so gorgeous they stop me in my tracks and make me go hot damn! For now though the smell of cigarettes, subways, and manmade parks will do hehe.

(Blazer - Thrifted/ Dress - Modcloth/ Boots - Jeffrey Campbell)

Sometimes its nice to have little dates with yourself. I chose to aimlessly walk downtown and ended up by the Pier, I didn't take many pictures because I just needed to clear my head but I did manage a snap. It was nice to have a breath of "fresh" air :)


Hope everyone has had a great weekend!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

So Real

(Warning: Image overload! Full set of photos for the event can be found over at my Flickr!)

So here I am, walking out of the train station, cupcakes in hand and about to meet people i've never met. All I could feel were jitters, and was all sorts of nervous. What would I talk about? These are people i've only seen through images and words, yet here I was walking through Central Park with freshly made cupcakes. However, as soon as I spotted the red balloons and a couple of familiar faces, I became excited!


The first girls I saw were Rebecca from The Clothes Horse and Erin from Calivintage! They were so welcoming and easy to talk to, making the experience less awkward than I thought it would be.
Soon afterwards I met these two amazing people, Jacob (how much do you love his sequin blazer?!) and Adeline (who came all the way from Norway!) from Lady Croissant. Seriously, they were too funny for words and I absolutely loved them!


It was so exciting to see more familiar faces showing up! I probably sounded like a broken record, because I couldn't stop saying how surreal this whole experience was. At one point somebody said that were all like moving pictures (I think it may have been Tieka or Rebecca? I am probably completely wrong haha).

I loved Tieka from Selective Potential! She was too funny and such a sweet girl! Pretty much everything I expected her to be from reading her page for so long haha. I am so happy that I got a chance to chat with her, such a sweetheart!

(I have the best out takes of our jumping picture! I loveee doing jumping pictures, even though I probably flashed all my goodies to the world in that dress!)

I got to see these two fashionable ladies, Elizabeth from Delightfully Tacky and Annie from Time Enough for Drums, I wish I got to talk to them a bit more, but they were such sweet girls!

And of course, the ladies with their gear! ( Kim from Eat.Sleep.Wear. and Jessica from What I Wore)


Oh and I got to meet Nicole of Coco Maria from my neck of the woods! it was like everything went in slow motion when I heard somebody mention an area I lived nearby haha.

Oh and here's what I wore, whilst I damn near flashed my goods to the world...again haha

(Cropped Blazer - UO, Dress - Thrifted, Belt - Thrifted, Flats - Primark)
(A big thank you to Emily from It Girl, Rag Doll for my outfit shots and some of the other photos!)

Overall, it was such an amazing experience and I am so glad that it was set-up! It was such a bummer to go from a great afternoon to serving coffee, and boy did we feel the rush of Fashion Night Out! My store is right by one of the shopping districts and some stores had DJ's and lines that would make your mother a bit dizzy!
Hope everyone is having an awesome fashion week!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

What a Trip

Atlantic City turned out to be pretty enjoyable considering I was the youngest one in that horrid bus ride. It made me realize that even though I live with my mother, I spend very little quality time with her. So spending the entire day with her and her BFF was hysterical to say the least, and I realize now where I get my crappy jokes from haha.

We ended up spending about an hour in the actual casino, and out of a 25 dollar card I won a whopping $4.40! While my mother made the big money and won a whole $12! Those penny slots were clearly calling our names. I enjoyed the boardwalk way more than the casino.

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I absolutely love the cheesyness and bright colors of boardwalk entertainment, there is just something about all those cheesy signs and bright lights that makes summer complete.

New Post3
In the end we are all big kids at heart :)

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Theres is nothing better than fatty summertime food!


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P.S. I am supperrr excited for friday, because get to attend this lovely event! :D


Sunday, September 5, 2010

A Bit of an Edge

I have worn this dress quite a few times this summer, with a variety of shoes and not much else. I got the urge to slightly toughen it up a couple of days ago when the weather was a bit cooler, because the bottom part is a little poofier (is that even a word?) than I normally wear my dresses and makes me feel a bit more girlish. What better way than adding some lace ups, eh? I could have gone a little edgier, but that's what experimenting is for.



The best part of this dress? It twirls like a dream! It always makes me want to turn on some classical music and prance around like I know even the slightest bit of ballet hehe. Too bad you can't see it through the blur, curse my horrible lighting.

out 1


(Dress - UO, Cropped Cardigan - Borrowed from a friend, Necklace - H&M, Lace-ups - F21)

I hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend! I am off to Atlantic City with mother dearest, this should be nothing short of interesting. Pictures will follow!