Sunday, July 11, 2010


Last night my friends and I decided to take a little stroll at a nearby beach that happened to be closed. First we tried the front entrance and were greeted by a lovely police car, which led to our paranoid selves to run and hide in wild bushes and trees near the mini highway. With our hearts pumping a mile a minute, we figured out how to get in through a path that was a 15 or so minute walk away. Once we got to the path that led to a sort of mini beach, we decided to take another path nearby that turned out to be unnaturally dark and sketchy. With my friend's cadet skills guiding us we reached the end of the path, only to start running back for dear life when we heard someone in the bushes.

This is such a simple outfit, and was quickly thrown together. I feel that most summer outfits are like that, you have to think of what will cause you to melt a little less while you step out into the blazing summer heat. Luckily it was a relatively cool night, a tad humid but cooler than the past couple of days.

(Black tank - Wet Seal, Altered striped shirt - H&M, Hemmed jeans - Wet Seal, Sandals - Charlotte Russe, Necklace - a gift, Bag - Urban Outfitters)

About 10 minutes after these photos were taken my hair poofed up and became larger than life. Humidity and sea towns are my hair's worst enemies. Does anyone's hair do the same thing in seatowns? Or is it just my wonderful genes?


  1. My hair poofs too - ALL the time! I love in a beach town and the humidity causes my hair to frizz up and become absolutely unruly - it's a mess. Also, I ADORE your necklace! Super cute :)

  2. Thank you for all of the wonderful comments (: Keep up the fun posts!


  3. We love your blog and we want to shoot you! Come drop by and enter our contest :)


    Kalin and Charley