Monday, July 19, 2010

Sweet Sleeves

I can't believe we are already nearing the end of July, soon fall will be here and I will be on high speed working like crazy on Grad school applications and trying to get that darn UK Visa. On the bright side, fall will be here! My favorite season of all, nothing beats those colors and the brisk smell of the air getting cooler.
This past weekend was pretty fun despite some plans falling through. I went out on the first family dinner (just my mother, brother and I) in over 10 years and it was pretty fun, can't remember the last time we even sat at home to eat together.

I love this dress, despite the fact that I have to cinch it in the back because its a tad too big. The sleeves sometimes feel a bit awkward but I love how they look! Also, can you tell I have a thing for belting my dresses? Haha.

I like the idea of mixing browns in one outfit, specially with the color navy. I don't know what it is about it but I thoroughly enjoy the navy/brown combo.

(Dress - UO Sale, Belt - Primark, Shoes - Random Vendor in NY)


  1. I need this dress!


  2. Lovely dress! I love navy blue.
    Thank you for the reassuring advice ^.^

  3. the dress is super chic, looks lovely with the belt- i am always belting things too!