Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Tall Brew of the Day

The rest of my summer days have been filled with coffee, stains, coffee grinds in places they shouldn't be and hat hair. Needless to say, I have managed to find myself a job. It was wonderful to get out of the apron on my day off and throw on something that didn't smell of coffee.
Anywho, is it just me, or is anyone else starting to smell autumn in the air? I am restless to layer up and bundle, and to see the leaves change all sorts of glorious colors! Albeit, with the limited amount of nature around me i'll definitely miss the transition of autumn in the berkshires. It's going to be weird when September rolls around and I don't have to pack up to go back to school.

I got this dress in a vicious bidding war a couple of years ago on ebay. I can't remember the last time I got on ebay and had a nice little battle, I miss it. I had forgotten I even had the dress until I started unloading boxes of old clothing a while back.

(Dress - Ebay, Boots - Jeffrey Campbell)


  1. I absolutely adore your outfit! Those boots are amazing - I've been looking for some like that recently. There are a pair at Charlotte Russe that I've been eyeing but I find it hard to buy them since the temperature has been in the 100s here recently!!, even though I know autumn will be here sooner than I know it, so I really should buy them :P And I love the floral print of your dress. I couldn't agree more about yearning for autumn, I can't wait to wear jeans again & cardigans, and TIGHTS, oh my gosh I can't wear to stock up on colorful tights & pretty dresses to go with them.

  2. ooo coffee shop jobs are the BEST! and if you have to smell like your job at the end of the day, it isnt so bad coming home smellin like espresso!

    ps. i love those boots.

    pps. i really appreciate the comments you have left on my site! i have not had much internet time this summer, but you have left such thoughtful posts that always make me smile!

  3. I love these boots...which seem so impossibly perfect paired with that strappy floral dress.

  4. This is a great outfit! Love the dress. Love the boots. Love them together. Two thumbs up!